About Thrive Design

Thrive Design Inc is based in the Sierra Mountains in Truckee, California. Thrive was founded on the goal to develop products, experiences and connections that allow people to have a better time in their quest to explore the mountains. Our vision in design comes from the importance of creating products that are the integration of technical design with art and style. We develop products that intuitively connect to how the body is designed while maintaining a unique and simple style. Our products truly enhance people experiences while being a unique piece of artwork.

Thrive Coaching

Our roots come from the importance of making our sports more accessible. This has allowed us to cultivate an environment to promote learning and the sharing of information to elevate people's experiences, developing personal motivation and progression.Thrive has been dedicated to supporting riders and sports enthusiasts from the very beginning. We produce tutorials, guides and tips to keep people thriving. We are looking forward to continue to connect people to the mountains through sport and travel.
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