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Navigator Anniversary Edition

- Camber without Compromise - 

The board that other companies are scared to produce, but I don't know why... The Thrive Relentless is designed for the rider that knows what they want. "I want a board that can ride anything, fast and stable. I want a board that rides amazing in all conditions, especially fresh powder. I want a board that I can change both regular and goofy without having to mess with my bindings. I want a real true twin camber that is playful and fun." Well here it is, the Relentless, designed just for you.


Relentless Construction Details

Thrive Relentless Snowboard

Thrive's Low Rise Camber

The modern camber design with traditional camber feel, improving performance for backcountry powder and freestyle riding.

Camber without Compromise

Carbon Textured Topsheet

New for 2017, Thrive is introducing our Carbon Textured Topsheet Glass! This new material increases topsheet durability, adds more grip for skating and one-foot riding, and brings even more torsional energy transfer to the board.

Carbon Topsheet Glass

POW-er Core Profile

The Pow-er Core is built to stand up to big lines, big jumps and deep snow, it creates the perfect balance of float in powder and raw power.

Freeride Powder Core Profile

Carbon Power V Supports

The Power V supports radiate energy away from the feet, towards the tip and tail, improving response and feel.

Carbon Power V Supports

Kevlar Insert Packs

Kevlar Fabric Plates under foot combining ultra responsive feel with high impact resistance. These insert are now truly bullet proof!

Snowboard Inserts - Kevlar Plates

Relentless Sizing Specs

Snowboard Sizing Chart

Snowboard Art - Photo: JP Magarola