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White Wolf Edition

- Balance - Grace - Elegance - 

The Poise brings improved balance and composure to any level rider. Whether you're focused on scoring new tricks or out to enjoy the mountain, the Poise can increase your confidence and style. The inspiration came from the need to create a board that can perform at a high level while still being super fun to ride no matter the riders skill.



Poise Design Details

2016 Thrive Poise

Thrive's Continuos Rocker

The smooth Continuous Rocker shape makes the board very predictable, so the rider can focus on learning new skills and scoring new tricks.

Jib Flex Core Profile

Thrive's Jib Flex Core profile allows the rider to generate more pop and has the perfect flex for locking onto rails.

Carbon Pop Stringers

Our Carbon Power X in the center of the board, increase the edge hold while riding at speed, adding additional support to the soft buttery flex.

Poise Sizing Specs