Thrive Split Tech Highlights

Impact Topsheet
Bamboo Stringers
Flax Internal Touring Impact Plates
Splitboard X Carbon Supports
Sintered Die-Cut Base
Sintered Sidewall


    Wilderness Split Sizing Details

    Wilderness 156 cm
    Waist Width - Midwide 254 mm
    Default Stance - 22.0 Inches
    Boot Range - Men US 8 to Men US 12

    Wilderness 160 cm
    Waist Width - Midwide 258 mm
    Default Stance - 22.5 Inches
    Boot Range - Men US 9 to Men US 13

    Thrive Wilderness Splitboard Snowboard

    The Thrive Wilderness Split has a true twin shape with a direction core profile, press shape, and a direction flex to enhance the board's performance while in tour mode. The Camber profile with Rocker tip and tail makes the board grip well on the climb up and increased pop and rebound on the way down. The Rockered tip and tail keep the board floating when riding the powder or dealing with that dreaded crust layer. Over the past few years, we have been working hard to make this board the best Splitboard on the market. We are confident it will help you tour farther while riding more like the 'traditional' board you love.

    Thrive's Split Hybrid Camber

    Thrive Wilderness Splitboard

    Do it all Hybrid Camber Shape!

    Thrive's Split Camber Hybrid profile is designed to maximize performance riding and climbing in all conditions. In touring mode the shape increases skin bite and ski edge-ability. While in ride mode the board has the the full effect and feel of camber under the rider with Rockered Tip and Tail to improve float.

    Splitboard Tech

    Hardware = Phantom Clips & Hooks
    Edges = 360 Full Wrap Edge
    Split = Metal Tip & Tail Guards