Thrive Prestige Snowboard

Thrive Prestige Snowboard

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Designed specifically for the female rider that wants to elevate her riding to the next level. The Prestige is the board that experienced female riders will love and the progressing rider will use to find new comfort on the mountain. Camber under foot for increased control, response and pop; jump higher and ride faster all while feeling in control. With a flex pattern that helps ladies ollie higher, the Prestige is truly a board designed to take women's riding to new heights! New artwork design by Thrive Artist Flor De Pompi.


*Actual board graphic may appear slightly different from displayed.

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Prestige Construction Details

Thrive Prestige Snowboard

Thrive's Hybrid Rocker

Thrive’s Hybrid Rocker design features camber zones underneath each foot, extending outside the feet to give the rider enhanced power to generate huge pop and snappy rebound in and out of turns. Then Rocker zones between the feet and at the tip n tail give the board incredible float in the powder and its fun butter feel.

Hybrid Rocker Camber Profile

Carbon Textured Topsheet

New for 2017, Thrive is introducing our Carbon Textured Topsheet Glass! This new material increases topsheet durability, adds more grip for skating and one-foot riding, and brings even more torsional energy transfer to the board.

Carbon Topsheet Glass

Reflex Core Profile

The female specific ReFlex Core acts as a true extension of the body, so movements are translated into response and control.

Ollie Pop Core Profile

Carbon Pop Stringers

The Carbon Pop Stringers in the tip and tail and Mini Carbon fiber X between the feet generate quick response and adds more rebound to the board for increased pop.

Snowboard Pop Stingers

Kevlar Insert Packs

Kevlar Fabric Plates under foot combining ultra responsive feel with high impact resistance. These insert are now truly bullet proof!

Snowboard Inserts - Kevlar Plates

Prestige Sizing Specs

Snowboard Sizing Chart