Thrive Accomplice Snowboard

Thrive Accomplice Snowboard

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A continuous rocker shape for the rider that wants a fun, playful board for riding in the park and around the entire mountain. The Accomplice makes everything easy, no matter the rider’s ability level, their terrain preference or the day’s snow condition. This board gives a jump start to progression for newer riders, and is a go-to board for more experienced shredders that want to focus more on what's happening on the mountain rather than what's going on under their feet. Originally inspired by the full rocker freestyle boards designed by FORUM, but with the added ability to hold a strong carve. While the Thrive Accomplice is a soft board tip to tail, it is stiff torsionally which gives it improved edge hold and carve-ability.



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Accomplice Construction Details

Thrive Accomplice Snowboard

Thrive's Continuos Rocker

The smooth Continuous Rocker shape makes the board very predictable, so the rider can focus on learning new skills and scoring new tricks.

Continuos Rocker Shape

Jib Flex Core Profile

Thrive's Jib Flex Core profile allows the rider to generate more pop and has the perfect flex for locking onto rails.

Jib Flex Wood Core

Carbon Pop Stringers

Our Carbon Power X in the center of the board, increase the edge hold while riding at speed, adding additional support to the soft buttery flex.

Carbon Torsion Stringers

Kevlar Insert Packs

Kevlar Fabric Plates under foot combining ultra responsive feel with high impact resistance. These insert are now truly bullet proof!

Kevlar Insert Plate

Accomplice Sizing Specs

Snowboard Sizing Guide