Truckee Named Coolest Ski Town

Truckee, California, USA has been named the coolest Ski (and Snowboard) Town in North America! As the home of Truckee based Thrive Snowboards, we are more than stoked to see our town and local community recognized for all the good that our home has to offer.

Matador Network Article: Coolest Ski Towns in North America 2018

Old Town Truckee

Founder and CEO of Thrive Snowboards, Doug Fagel, moved to Truckee in 2001 to continue a career as a snowboard instructor after departing Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state. After living ten years in Truckee, Doug was inspired to chase his dream and passion of creating his own snowboard brand—a brand that is dedicated to supporting people through the values of Community, Coaching, and experience-driven Product Design.

Donner Lake Truckee California

“While I am fortunate to travel to amazing destinations around the globe, I am always happy to come home to Truckee.” - Doug Fagel

“Having Truckee as a home base is more than just a place to set up shop, but a place to network with like-minded people, connect with the lifeblood of our sports and most of all be inspired by the amazing setting of the Sierra Mountains, it's amazing lakes and the seemingly endless wilderness.”

Here are a few reasons we think Truckee is top of the list:

Pole Creek Canyon Lake Tahoe Truckee

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