Thrive Community Update 2021 Boards

We are introducing our new line of 2021 Thrive Snowboards in the most popular sizes to help drive sales and rebuild the Thrive Snowboard Lineup. As a self-funded brand, transitioning to a new factory, we are reinvesting in new molds and tooling across all our boards. To make all this happen and play it smart for the short and long term, we are starting with the board models and sizes that sell the most units.

Thrive Renegade RGV2 154 cm
Thrive Renegade RGV2 157 cm

Thrive Relentless Pro 155 cm
Thrive Relentless Pro 158 cm

Thrive Wilderness Split 156 cm
Thrive Wilderness Split 160 cm

We know that the Thrive Community ranges across all types of people; in size, build, and body types. Our goal is to make boards for everyone. What you are seeing is the plan in action to get there. As we sell boards, we will invest that income into producing more sizes and models of boards.

We want to hear from you. Share your feedback in the Community Survey, so that you can help shape the future of Thrive. Specifically what boards we should produce next.

Don't see your model or size?
We want to hear from you to help steer the next steps of Thrive board production.


Help us change the future!

Welcome the new line of 2021 Thrive Boards, starting with the most popular sizes.