The Loss of a Legend

When a true legend comes into your life you generally know it from the start. They have a way about themselves, a way they interact with others and a way of looking at life that creates an impact. Recently the Ski Industry has lost Warren Miller. This individual was a true icon for his way of filming our sport, sharing commentary and impacting others through his love of skiing. For me the passing of Warren Miller at the age of 93 is something to be celebrated! Warren Miller is more than just a guy that shot ski films and played in the snow. He is forever the internal dialogue for what life can be if you don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun in the outdoors.

Remembering Warren Miller

“I taught them about freedom by learning to turn a pair of skis...” Warren Miller

Another legend of skiing passed away this January. This individual did not have the name recognition of Warren Miller, but was equally a legend in his own right. It came as a shock to our ski and snowboard communities around Dodge Ridge, California, Northstar, California, Breckenridge, Colorado and Perisher, Australia when the young and talented Chris Anderson passed away after a tragic car accident on January 13, 2018. Chris was only 35 years old and on his way to work at Northstar, where he worked as a Ski Coach for the Northstar Ski Foundation.

Remembering Chris Anderson

Chris, also known as Moose, was a friend and an import part of the Thrive Community. Chris was more than just an instructor and a coach. Chris was someone that could light up a room with his smile, loved to support other’s dreams and loved to share his passion of skiing. Big Moose was someone that skiers young and old looked up to, in more ways than one. Chris was a talented ski coach and loved working with kids. Chris was a man that would go out of his way to help others. He did that many times for me to help spread the word about my small Truckee brand. Chris once told me, “I'd love to help you out anyway I can. I'm stoked to be helping get the word out about Thrive.” I want to extend condolences to Chris’s family and friends, and also let them know how much he meant to the larger community of skiers, riders, coaches and instructors in the snow sports industry.

Warren Miller and Chris Anderson both made an impact in the world of skiing and they both would go out of their way to teach someone to ski. Chris Anderson is a legendary individual and his love, compassion and smile will live on with all of us that are lucky enough to have meet him along the ski trail of life. Much love my friend!

Legends Warren Miller & Chris Anderson

“I changed a lot of  lives by showing people there is another way to live their life. I hope I’ve changed yours.” Warren Miller

We miss you buddy! Please feel free to share your stories of the Moose in the comment section below!

With Love, Doug Fagel

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  • The permanence of Chris’s passing has not fully sunk in for me yet.We spent countless hours hip to hip in several low snow years and then both moved on but we were able to catch up ever few months regardless of where we were geographically or what mental space we were in. I still expect to be riding Mammoth this April after a long season in colorado and spot the long, strong, moose like movements of a skier in pastel Patagonia tearing up the bumps on chair 23… with that God awful skittle colored POC helmet. For me I will always be able to find him there.
    Our relationship was battle hardned when we started as new supervisors together in the Children’s Center at Northstar. We skipped the casual “get to know you” faze that is so common in a resort community like Tahoe. It was straight into the fire for us. Trying to get a handle on our new rolls while juggling 75 hour work weeks, no days off, more fires springing up then we could put out. We shared an office in the village with 8 Sups and managers and only 4 computers. Close quarters, lack of personal space, and the constant bombardment of sick, sad, or mad children, instructor issues of ever kind sprinkled with managing the guest perception for flavor and topped off with attempting to champion change for the entire Children’s program was a dish that he and I perfected and shared often. I can honestly say that I would not have lasted those two seasons with out his constant support, his laughter, and a much appreciated and well timed Metalocalypse quote. I am honored to have been a part of his story, if only for a few chapters. I will forever carry the legend of Chris Anderson with me wherever I go.

    Until we meet again…

    I love you Brother

    Hank Desjardins
  • My condolences to the families and friends of both. May they rest in peace!

  • Well said bro. Hope to live my life and teach like chris did. Legends like batman!!!

    Andrew Hoffman
  • I never met Chris, but I know a few people like him. He sounds like an amazing person and I am so sorry about you losing your friend Doug. It’s friends like him that enhance our lives and our world.

    Matt Davis

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