Snowboard Music by 4cast

For those who love to get out & shred the fallen clouds, snowboarding is all about finding your flow, and dancing to the zen of the mountain. Incidentally, this is not unlike the feeling of being swept away on the dance floor when just the right jam comes on. For folks who thrive in both environments, rocking out on the hill with high octane audible fuel pumping through the ear drums is - for many - a match made in Heaven. The combination of energies undoubtedly manifests an experience greater than the sum of its parts, and creates an incredibly empowering experience when expressing one’s self on the mountain.

This very virtue is what fueled one snowboarding dance maniac to make a special project. Two creativite, expressionist passions became intertwined into one; giving genesis to the source of what is referred to on the aptly-named “” website, “4cast.”

Tahoe Snowboarding Coach & House Music Maestro Deon Pearson crafted this colorful culmination, known as “4cast” (which is an acronym for “4” types of “Custom Arranged Snowboarding Tunes”), to celebrate the synergy of these expressions. He & his team of frosty dance floor maniacs (knows as the “Reckless Yeti” crew) put on the 4cast project every winter.

The team behind 4cast hosts an annual live 4cast event, complete with a raffle for a Thrive snowboard giveaway. House Music legend, Mark Farina (founder of Mushroom Jazz) is this year’s headliner.

The next 4cast Event:
“The Black Diamond Disco”
Saturday, March 4th, 2017
RoJo’s Tavern, 3091 Harrison Ave, South Lake Tahoe, California

Facebook Event Link

Cinco de Marcho - Snowboard Music - 4cast

How the 4cast project works:

Free-to-download (or stream) custom blended music mixes, eacg categorized on a 4-point energy scale, known as the “Shred Level,” which corresponds with the ski slopes:

  • “Chill” (Green Circle)
  • “Groovy” (Blue Square)
  • “Jammin’” (Black Diamond)
  • “Intense” (Double Black Diamond)

Each mix also has the primary musical genre represented in the top-right corner of the artwork. Styles vary to help expand and broaden the listener’s musical palette. Genres are assigned color to visually identify the style represented, designed to prevent the need to pinch & zoom a touch screen to read any text while riding with gloves on the chairlift. 4 Shred Levels: with custom arrangements designed for snowboarding, equates to the name “4cast”: 4 (types of) Custom Arranged Snowboarding Tunes!

 There are several series under the 4cast umbrella:

  • Fresh Tracks: Covers many styles of House music (Blue Square - Black Diamond)
  • Apres Shred: Focuses on downtempo & hip-hop vibes (Green Circle)
  • Halfpipe Hits: High-energy, mountain-crushing selections (Black Diamond - Double Black)
  • more series to be announced & published in the future!
Here's how you can follow the 4cast project:

While the project is clearly very snowboard-inspired, the project welcomes all skiers & non-snowsport enthusiasts to enjoy the project as they please. 

Deon Pearson - Founder of Snowboard Music 4cast

About Deon, the Founder of 4cast &
Deon Pearson is an AASI-certified snowboarding instructor out Heavenly Mountain Resort in S. Lake Tahoe. Now entering his sixth consecutive season as a full-time coach, his time is dedicated to the pursuit of expanding snow sport education, in order to share the experience with others that ultimately changed his entire path in life.Heralding from Phoenix, AZ, Deon was raised in the vibrant Arizona House music scene (which include world-famous alumni like Z-Trip, Markus Schulz, & Eddie Amador). Taking the creative growth fostered from this environment, Deon has made it his personal quest to bring it to the hill & inspire others with the creative energies of both forms of art combined.
The Black Diamond Disco - 4cast's Annual Cinco De Marcho Event