Riders Progress at Thrive International Camps

Thrive recently lead three International Thrive Snowboard Camps; two at Lake Songhua Resort in Jilin, China and one  at Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. Thrive's International Snowboard Camps are targeted to recreational snowboarders that want to improve their skills, find that connection to great experiences on the mountain and make their days better while playing in the outdoors. Thrive Coaches Chris Lange and Doug Fagel lead groups in the camps with our fellow partner Clubs and Schools in Northeast Asia. 

Thrive International Camp - X-Club, Jilin, China

Thrive International Camps in China: X-Club & JiXian Extreme Sports
January 8-10 & 11-13, 2018

The Thrive Camps are targeted to adult participants that are interested in snowboarding and travel. The snowboarding background of the participants ranged from those who have been snowboarding for years to those who just surpassed the novice threshold looking to start exploring the entire mountain. Our groups at these China Camps are supported by Alvin (Shen Yuan)  the head of X-Club/JiXian Extreme Sports and his amazing team of people. With the help of our Thrive Team Rider, Qi, as well as some other talented translators we guide our groups – who all speak Mandarin as their first language – and offer them personalized coaching. During these camps the majority of the riders are from the Northeast China, Jilin Province, but we also had participants attending from all over mainland China. This was Thrive's second year hosting camps in Jilin and we look forward to annual camps in the heart of winter for many years to come.

  • All Mountain Riding - Develop a strong riding foundation for riding the entire mountain,  a stance for balance and the moves to perform in all terrain.
  • Resort Carving Skills - Carving influences from around the globe help people develop their own personal carving style.
  • Freestyle Progression - Breaking down tricks into their basic components and building them back up, from the basic tricks to advanced freestyle coaching.

Thrive International Snowboard Camps - Intro to Backcountry - Hokkaido, Japan

Thrive International Camps in Japan: Noyuki Academy
January 16-17, 2018

For our first Thrive Camp ever in Japan we have focused on a specific topic that is fueling much of the riding excitement around Japan and around the globe, the desire to push snowboarding beyond the resorts. Thrive's Intro to Backcountry course is designed to fill that void between resort riders skills and avalanche awareness and rescue training. We have found that the gap of knowledge and skills is huge from backcountry travel and decision making offered in Avalanche Training Courses and what a rider needs to know and be able to do when making the transition into the backcountry. Thrive's Intro to Backcountry helps fill that void. Offering a course targeted to Riding Skills, Equipment Knowledge, Planning and Group Management to accompany Avalanche Safety Knowledge is the best way to develop riders for long term safety and success while exploring beyond the resort.

  • Intro to Backcountry - Make the transisiton from the resort to the backcounty by building up the skills and knowledge to be successful and safe. 

Thrive International Camp - NoYuki Academy, Hokkaido, Japan

Why do snowboarders join Thrive Snowboard Camp? They are not only looking for mountain guides but professional educators that can deliver high end coaching to take their riding to the new heights.

  • Rider Improvement
  • Meeting Personal Goals
  • Learning New Skills
  • Exploring New Terrain
  • Scoring Tricks  
  • Developing Style

More Thrive Snowboard Camps coming to locations around the globe...

Thrive International Snowboard Camps

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