Meet the Rider - Patrick Pitter

Thrive Team Rider Patrick Pitter leads the charge for Thrive in Austria. Patrick is an inspiring rider that has endless passion for riding, building jumps and catching big air. Patrick as first introduced onto the Thrive Team in January 2013 and remains the driving force behind Thrive's growth and exposure in Europe. Patrick along with his tight crew of friends and fellow riders  push snowboarding in fun and creative ways around their home town of Salzburg City, Austria and around the globe in their annual mission Stateside.


Stance: Regular +18/ -15

Favorite Trick: Backside 540

Patrick's take on the Thrive Relentless Snowboard:

I have the best time on this board. It is better than any Burton board I have ever ridden. Super fun in the backcountry and it kills in on big jumps. It is nice to find a board that can hold up to anything I want to ride.

Salzburg Snow Space - Patrick Pitter

Favorite Resorts to ride?

Austria: Flachau Winkl Absolut Park, Zauchensee, Sport Gastein, Kitzsteinhorn, Dachstein Gletscher, Hintertuxer Gletscher, Stubaier Gletscher
Switzerland: Saas Fee
California: Mammoth, Northstar, Boreal, Bear

What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?

I love to ride in the backcountry, the big turns and my personal built backcountry jumps, jea…! Snowboarding is the one thing I’m very passionate about. It excites me every time. That’s why I choose it as a lifestyle.

Patrick Pitter - Photo by: Wolf Weiser

What is your biggest dream when it comes to your snowboarding?

A big helicopter trip to Alaska with my own filming team.

Tell us about your journey in becoming a snowboarder.

I started to ride in 2002. At first I didn’t like it at all.. I wanted to go back to skiing but my dad insisted to go through the hard training... As time passed, I continued to grow more excited for winter until it was all I could think about. It is kind of indescribable the connection I now feel to snowboarding.

Patrick Pitter - Photo by: Wolf Weiser

What piece of advice would you give to a new snowboarder?

You have to ride with all your heart and soul, but also with mental power.

Tell us a  story about your journey through life as a snowboarder:

Years ago we had an opening party with test centers in Gaissau Hintersee, Austria. There we built a park which we designed by our own thoughts and ideas with our snow groomer. At the opening day we had a little contest. Following that we went to a nice after-show party. The guy who should have organized the party was kind of wasted from the beginning. So a friend and I took over all the organizing. That’s how the big mess started… Half an hour later everything was covered with stickers, people included! As this wasn’t enough we had the great idea to ride in front of the venue to a wood chip obstacle we created. Of course it was more falling than actually riding. I’ve never seen so many face plants before in my life. These were the first steps to the party getting completely out of control. The day after the party I swore to myself that I’m never drinking that much again.. ;-)

Patrick Pitter - Photo by: Wolf Weiser


Papa Pitter shredding back in the day!

Patrick Pitter's Dad Shredding Back in the Day!