Meet the Artist: Flor De Pampi

Thrive is excited to introduce our new snowboard artist, Flor De Pampi. She has brought a fresh design style to Thrive that taps into the heart behind our boards and our brand. We are excited to have Flor as a key part of our design team and look forward to artwork creations for years to come.

Thrive Artist - Flor De Pampi


I was born in a crowded city and my desire was always to escape from it. I’ve always felt a strong connection to nature, which leads me to a quiet and healthy lifestyle. Living in Buenos Aires really contrasted this need to stay connected to the outdoors. Whenever I could, I escaped to a natural place; beach, mountain or whatever kept me far away from the city.

Flor De Pampi - Surfboard Artwork

In 2013, I painted my first surfboard in Brazil. It was a flat water afternoon with no surfing. I was able to find a deep connection with boards without needing to dedicate my life to the sport. I really enjoy using surf, skate, and snowboards as a canvas. The best part is after the artwork has been created, watching how my art is connected with the energy and style of the rider. That’s when I feel the artistic cycle is complete. I found that the combination of board sports and art is what I want to do every day of my life. The fact that I am usually surrounded by people who practice these sports and have the same way of living, makes my profession my passion. I feel I have now found my place in the boy’s world of board sports which early on seemed hard for me to find.

Flor De Pampi - Truck Mural


I got connected with the brand because I met some guys back in Argentina that were riding Thrive boards and I liked the graphics. I thought my graphics style was similar, so I just wrote them an Instagram message. A couple of months later we started working on the designs for the Prestige, Relentless and Renegade snowboards.

Flor De Pampi Artwork


Nature is where I get a great part of my inspiration. I usually use natural elements such as leaves and water and I connect them to inspirations from aboriginal designs of American tribes, such as feathers and patterns.

The Prestige - I got inspired by the indie style cultures. My objective was to create a design with a strong personality but without losing the feminine aspect, since its a girl's board. Women want to ride like guys but not look like them.

The Renegade - Using a geometric and clean design I honored the customary snowboarding scenery. The power of the mountains and nature coming together are expressed on this board.

The Relentless - I got inspired by sacred geometry, a creation of harmonic figures based on geometric measures and proportions. Sacred geometry is based on natural forms of the constant rate (aureal proportion), basically combining the rider with nature’s perfection.


For my near future, I would love to get more involved in the boards business since it's where my passions come together. - Flor De Pampi

Flor De Pampi - Surfboard Artwork

Thrive Artwork by Flor De Pampi

2018 Thrive Prestige Snowboard Artwork

2018 Thrive Prestige Snowboard: Cultural Feathers Design

2018 Thrive Renegade Snowboard
2018 Thrive Renegade Snowboard: Geometric Mountains Design

2018 Thrive Relentless Snowboard
2018 Thrive Relentless Snowboard: Harmonic Figures Design

Find Flor on Instagram: @flordepampi