Don't Just Ride, Thrive!

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An article by Asa Fountain

In any venue, starting a new company from the ground up is a tall order, and in the snowboard industry where new brands seem to live and die like houseflies, that order grows quite a bit taller. The trick is being able to stand out in the crowd and separate yourself from the herd, but again, in a lifestyle where almost everyone wants to be the sore thumb, that's no easy task. Creative minds and fresh ideas are the buffet in which snowboarding feeds itself, and in that respect we are blessed to have so many individuals progressing the sport and Keeping it fresh.

That said, who, or what, is Thrive Snowboards?

Well, the answer to either question requires more than a sentence or two. Thrive is a snowboard company entering its second year of business, based in the snowboarder's paradise of Truckee in North Lake Tahoe, California. Thrive offers a strong line-up of twin, symmetrical focused snowboards and functional outerwear, but truthfully, the product is only a small piece of their identity.

They're off to a good start with the website,, and Thrive’s growing social networks. "Snowboarding shouldn't be some sort of secret club," Fagel continues. "Through Thrive's ideals of community, coaching and design, we hope to make snowboarding and snowboard knowledge accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of it."

The goal is to bring the snowboard community together, stronger than ever," says Doug Fagel, Thrive's Founder and CEO

As an examiner for the American Association of Snowboard Instructors and one of the countrys leading coaches, supporting snowboard education all over the world is incredibly important to Doug and Thrive. "These instructors and coaches are on the front lines and bring in so many people to this sport and lifestyle, so taking care of them via a quality shopping experience and special deals is a no-brainer."

On the subject of gear, product is on the rise at Thrive. They've covered the bases for anyone's needs with a variety of board shapes and designs, all with a focus on twin-tipped, symmetrical snowboard advantages.

"Enhancing people's experiences on and off the snow by designing with the body in mind. That's what we're doing."

From the playful, full-rocker shape of the Accomplice to the established, aggressive cambered design of the Relentless, Thrive has what riders are looking for. Women have something to be excited about as well, as this season introduces the rocker-hybrid Prestige and the fully-rocKered Poise.

"Thrive luggage has us really excited," Doug elaborates on their developing luggage line. 'We're creating luggage that takes function and style to the next level, building it with a unique skate-style you don't see anywhere else." These luggage items feature a rolling system made of, a skateboard truck inspired design and longboard wheels that will be completely interchangeable with your favorite skateboard.

In 2014 Thrive introduced not only their luggage line, but brand new board designs, graphics, streetwear and outerwear to retail outlets worldwide, alongside their direct-to-consumer on line availability. However, what might be the most exciting is a snowboard community that will continue to grow and evolve to support riders and the sport we love around the globe.

Thrive is now looking towards the second stage of expanding its Travel Luggage offering and continuing to grow distribution around the globe. Stay connected with Thrive as they continue to make waves in the snowboard and travel industries.

 Don't just Ride, Thrive! - We want to Thrive not just ride.