Dear Thrive Community,

Thank you for the fantastic journey! 

Thrive is going to hibernate for the foreseeable future. Thrive is no longer in production on any products, which has been a tough decision. Being confronted with ongoing challenges to keep the company afloat and new chapters in life, I decided to wind things down.

I would love to see the remaining products in your hands. We have a handful of new Thrive Boards, demo Boards, Traveler Luggage Bags, and accessories remaining in stock. However, they are moving fast.

Thrive Snowboards

As I reflect on the past decade of Thrive, many great memories resonate with me... Taking runs with a large posse of friends at the Thrive Harder events and seeing new riders progress, exploring new terrain, and feeling connected as part of this snowboard crew. I loved hearing the feedback from our Thrive community members, blown away by how much fun they have on the boards. On my travels, it was a welcomed surprise as unfamiliar faces would start a conversation after seeing the skate trucks on our signature Traveler luggage. And most of all, I reflect on the extraordinary friends and connections I made along the way.

I would love to thank those that have made the Thrive journey possible thus far; co-founder Michael Harrosh, Ben Zweig, Phil Wiles, Stan Weed, Matt Foster, Fede Romano, Joanna Dzierzawski, Shawna Mayo, Renee Stein, Shawn Semb, JuanP Bucchioni, Yijun Tong, Chris Lange, Chandler Pelletier, Thrive Design Inc Investors, our family members, the Brand Warehouse Crew, Thrive Team Riders, Thrive Coaches, and most of all you as an important part of the Thrive Community.

The Thrive mission lives on as we look to the future, connecting to good vibes, great people, and unforgettable experiences.

Thank you for all your support along the way.

Keep chasing the dream.
Yours in Shred!

Doug Fagel
Community - Coaching - Design - THRIVE

The Mountains are Calling